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What is Man? Revisited part1 A DVD & CD set: by Sylvia Pearce

  • What is Man? chart presentation has been a favorite of mine for over 28 years. I presented the first TV addition some years ago, however, because of the richness of truth that it proclaims, “What is Man?” warranted revisiting.

    To me it answers a most important question….What about the human being? When answered, it will be the key to the Liberated Life that most are looking for. It is so powerful, yet so simple and clear that anyone can follow its numerous illustrations. Norman Grubb counted it a favorite of his too, and certainly recommended its teaching to all who are hungering and thrusting after more answers for their life. Drink from this well, and you will be filled with new light. Look up the scriptures and they will confirm what your heart is already teaching you. Or, to those who already know their union with Christ, it will be an added conformation that might fill in areas not previously considered.

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