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The Treasures of Darkness a book: by Sylvia Pearce

  • Adversity may be a part of everyone’s experience. For most of us, it is just something to endure — to get through. But Sylvia Pearce took a different approach when faced with life’s many sorrows, defeats, disappointments and unfair treatments. 
    By choosing to make adversity her teacher rather than simply her tormentor, she unearthed profound insights about life — and death — that will change you forever. Her gripping honesty and soul-touching articulation give new meaning to the challenges of everyday life and new hope for those trapped in despair.
    Even non-poets can appreciate her poetic style, and her prose flows like a stream to both cleanse and refresh. But The Treasures of Darkness offers much more than the lamentations of pain and sorrow. It also gives us a glimpse of the profound impact one attitude can have on ourselves, our families, and even our communities. It maps a journey through stages of personal evolution and transformation by turning defeat into victory and self-condemnation into self acceptance, God’s way.
    It serves as a guidebook for others who face adversity of all kinds, and illumines a path toward renaissance like no other work.

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