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There are 22 booklets arranged within this attractive box with the Liberating Secret logo on it. You will be so blessed to read and discover your liberation in Christ presented in this excellent collection of booklets by Sylvia Pearce. Please donate $100.00 for this outstanding offer, you won’t be disappointed.

The Liberating Secret Booklet Collection

  •           CONTENT

    • Blinded by the Light…light green
    • Christ Living As You…light blue
    • Co-Saviors and Intercessors…red
    • How Do I Identify Yourself?
    • Jesus, The Temptable Man…yellow
    • Law and Grace…orange
    • Not I, But Christ…yellow
    • Romans 7 (what is wrong with me)…light blue
    • Sons in Spirit Action by the Word of Faith…white
    • That Which Besets You…dark blue
    • The Abundant Life…light blue
    • The Citadel of Self-Dependency…light green
    • The Cross Delivers us from the Sin Nature…dark purple
    • The Fountain of Living Water…white
    • The Kingdom of the Middle Ground…dark blue
    • The Last Crusade…white
    • The Melchizedek Blessing…dark purple
    •  No Such Thing as an Independent-self..light purple
    • The New Age Movement, What is it?
    • What Every Wife Needs to Know…pink
    • What Is Man? Chart presentation…light green
    • What is Man? Commentary and companion…light green
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