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Seated with Christ 7 DVD & 1 CD set by Sylvia Pearce

  • The heart of the letter to the Galatians focuses on our crucifixion with Christ.  As does, the heart of the letter to the Colossians, focuses on our resurrection with Christ.  However, the point of being crucified and resurrected with Christ is to finally know and experience our glorified seated position in Him.  By knowing our seated position, we then discover our full throne-right authority, thereby giving us rule over spiritual wickedness in high places.  The letter to the Ephesians teaches us that we are sealed, steadily walking as well as standing strong in the power of His might. We walk in the Spirit steadily with full assurances of faith, without condemnation, knowing who we are and how we have power in prayer with God.  Therefore, we walk in victory as sons of God in every place.  Knowing that, God will always cause us to be victorious in Him.  As our walk of faith matures, we can then stand in Spiritual warfare, strong in our Spiritual armor, by putting on Christ, who is our truth, our righteousness, our peace, our faith; our helmet of salvation, and our sword of the Spirit.  We discover that whole armor is the person of Christ, and by faith we already have put Him on (Gal. 3:27).

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