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Romans 7 1 DVD by Sylvia Pearce & Bill Bower

  • Roman’s chapter seven is one of the most debated sections in the Apostle Paul’s tremendous presentation of the Gospel of grace.  Is Roman’s Seven an enigma? Some think so. Is it Paul’s experience before he was a Christian? Many more think that his trying and failing roller coaster type testimony was his constant normal life’s experience.  If, as some say, that Roman’s seven is the normal Christian life, then why would the Spirit put Roman’s eight, the great victory chapter of “No-Condemnation,” as sort of a post script or a teaser to the preceding chapter?  God would never do that!  When properly understood, it is certainly the path to victory, and not defeat.


    Sylvia Pearce and Bill Bower discuss this seemingly knotty and unclear chapter, and reveal new liberating truths that will un-tie and illuminate to your understanding tremendous revelations that will boost you into the sought after freedom available in Roman’s eight.

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