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Fire and Light

  • This is Norman’s first unpublished draft of his first book, “the Law of faith“ I believe that, in this first draft Norman Burns with the fire and light of the Spirit, and reveals the fire in his own bones. We thank the Lord for preserving this draft for those of us, who also have the same, “fire in our bones.“


    Fire seen in the sun, is the source of all life on the planet. By its self, it is a terrible and consuming power. Infringe the law of nature, and approach to close to it, and pain and destruction are the penalty. Yet, from this raging, flaming source, radiates all the marvelous beauties and colors and warmth of the meek and gentle light. No fire,  means no light. No light, means no life on earth, for the light passes into all nature, quickens, sustains, giving color and form to all things. To perform its life-giving function on the earth, this Trinity in unity will be in operation. The fire must burn, the light must shine, life must be quickened  to the plants an animals.

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