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Discovering Your Right Self a DVD set by Sylvia Pearce & Bill Bower

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  • Here lies the hidden root of the Christian’s problem.  The condemned and failing me is a false independent-self mentality we all inherited at the Fall. This lying mentality, working in us, is the source of our failure.   We are blood bought Christians, saved by grace with Christ living His life in us, yet Satan still deludes us with this lie. This delusion is in the identity level of our consciousness, where we ask, "Who am I?"  We mistakenly think we have a life of our own and should perform by our own resources.


    Spirit and revelational truth usually unfolds to us in stages. Sylvia Pearce and Bill Bower present this unique study in an profound yet simple way.  Find yourself in one of these three stages: …from being a lost WRONG-SELF, to discovering the release of being a NO-SELF, to our final glorious stage of discovering ourselves to be a RIGHT-SELF. Sylvia and Bill trace these stages in this practical 8 program series.

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