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Discovering the Lie 10 Audio CD set by Sylvia Pearce

  •  “Deep in mankind’s consciousness is an all prevailing and insidious LIE. This one LIE is the father of all lies.  It is hardly noticedable to our natural thinking because we have lived with it all of our lives. Deceptions prevail as the lie lives on in us making us believe that it is the truth.  However, unknowingly to us it is the ROOT, THE TREE AND THE BRANCHES OF ALL EVIL. It is the temple of pride built in mankinds hypnotized and mesmerized carnal mind.

    Even after we are Christians this lie lingers in the dark shadows of our minds to haunt and torment us. Once the light of the truth awakens us to realize and identify this lie, we can by faith inherit the truth of our TRUE SELVES in union with Christ. Then this insidous lie will silver away like a defeated serpent and have no more manifestated power in us. NOW WE ARE FREE INDEED.”

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