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A Common Bush A-Flame DVD set: by Sylvia & Bill


    The Liberating Secret radio and television program has been airing for the last ten years.  Through the years, Bill who is an actor and a Tennis Pro from Los Angeles, California and I have always talked about doing a series together on what our mentor, Norman Grubb called “The 21st Century Reformation” of the Church. It was in the early “80’s” when we were set on fire by these revelations, and through the years the fire has gotten even more magnificently brighter.  This revelation concerns the precious human vessel of the redeemed being nothing more than a common bush, yet set on fire by the Holy Spirit expressing the very life and glory of Christ in our right human self.   It has been the deep desire of our hearts to share with God’s precious people what has been the heart beat of our own lives.  We now come together to share through this six videos series, this Liberating Secret in hope that the same love fire will blaze up in your common right-self and catch your world on  fire as well.

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